Using AirBnb to Save on Lodging


Last week I mentioned how I came across a deal with “Flying Blue” airline miles that couldn’t be passed up. Flying Blue (the frequent flyer program for both KLM and AirFrance was offering a 50% discount on award trips from either Chicago, Houston, or Washington DC to virtually anywhere in Europe. It was an amazing deal, so I jumped at the ... Read More »

On the Waterfront… In Old Town, Alexandria


During my trip through Washington DC, I stopped in the “Old Town” section of Alexandria. Old Town is a stretch of about a mile of cafes, shops, and more antique stores than you could ever want. It’s funny to see every other store selling some type of china, or oriental rug, or glass vase. The mile or so strip leads ... Read More »

How I Grabbed a Half Price Ticket to Europe for Oktoberfest

Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 1.18.26 PM

In addition to collecting points and miles through credit cards bonuses shopping portals, one of the keys to travel more, (and inexpensively) is to always be on the lookout for deals or discounts. Just by paying attention and following some travel blogs, (like this one. Hint Hint), I was able to grab a flight from New York to Italy and ... Read More »

Annie Didn’t Stand a Chance

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I’d never heard of a “Double Under” before. Sounded like something from In-N-Out burger. Picture jumping rope like normal, but swinging the rope TWICE for every jump. The rope needs to pass under your feet two times, each time you jump, so you have to move your arms and wrists fast. (“Yea I could never do that”) is usually the first ... Read More »