The First Guy to Talk Loses


For years I worked in high dollar fundraising for political non-profits and campaigns. It wasn’t unusual to ask a donor for $10,000, $25,000 or even $100,000. One of the first things I learned was, “First guy to talk, loses.” In short this meant that when you asked a donor for money, be quiet and wait for an answer. Silence is ... Read More »

Review of Elliott Bay Crossfit in Seattle

Review of Elliott Bay Crossfit in Seattle

As I travel around the world, the most difficult part of it for me is continuing my health & fitness routine. Traveling itself makes it difficult to workout and often the workouts you can do, pale to the full routine you’d get with heavy weights, barbells and pull up bars. Pushups and running is still very good, but I miss ... Read More »

Hot Air Balloon Crash Landing… Almost


During my year of traveling the world, I’ve placed an emphasis of visiting family between trips. I grew up in upstate New York and other than a few days here and there for Christmas or birthdays, I haven’t really been, “home” for close to 10 years. Autumn in New York State/New England area is absolutely gorgeous, and the weather is ... Read More »

A morning run through Liechtenstein at dawn

If you’ve ever gone through a tough or stressful day at work/school/home and said to yourself, “I just want to leave it all and go off to the mountains away from people,” that place would be Liechtenstein. I decided to stay a night in Liechtenstein instead of just passing through it during my last trip to Europe and I took ... Read More »