How I’m Flying to Hawaii… (and back)… for $10


Around December/January of 2014, I decided that when my primary job finished, I’d travel the world for (at least) a year. I made it one of my major goals to save up money specifically for this trip. Now that that job has finished, I’ve been traveling a bit with plans to travel even more. And while I could spend the savings ... Read More »

Crossfitting the World


Without question, what I was going to miss the most from leaving my previous home was the gym I’d become a member at. “Gym” in the general sense, as I had gone to a Crossfit box over the past two years. Crossfit 515 in Grimes, Iowa. The owners gave me one of their t-shirts and some of the members signed ... Read More »

How to Use Social Media to Get Through to Customer Service


“Hello this is Sheryl and I’m calling from the office of the President.” How did it come to this? The full story would be a novel of an email, so I’ll probably cover it over a number of posts in the future. In short, I had been dealing with quite possibly the most incompetent and unprofessional company I’ve ever known, ... Read More »

Getting Scuba Certified – Part I

I'm on the far left, in front.

In February I listed out, “7 goals I’m setting for 2014″. One of which was to get officially certified as a scuba diver. This, “license” so to speak is good for life and requires a mix of skills and book knowledge. I’ve wanted to be able to scuba dive ever since I went snorkeling for the first time and met the ... Read More »