Guest Post: A Republic Wireless Success Story


A few months ago I wrote about how I took my cell phone bill down from an obscene $130 / month and saved about $80 every single month, using Straight Talk. Then a few weeks back I wrote how I had the urge to see if I could outdo that. I did, and I signed up for Republic Wireless and got my bill ... Read More »

The Ducks at the Peabody Hotel


My business trip through Memphis had me staying at the Peabody Hotel, known far and wide for their ducks. As in actual ducks. Ducks live on the grounds and spend about half of the day actually swimming in the lobby foundation. Beyond that though, there’s a show each day. Every morning the ducks are actually marched from their home in ... Read More »

How to Get a Free $10 Coupon to


If you’ve ever bought something from, you may be eligible to receive a free $10 gift card through a special Amazon promotion being offered right now. Currently Amazon is targeting some of their customers with an offer to receive a credit of $10, completely for free, when they purchase $50 in Amazon gift cards. It’s easy to see if ... Read More »

How I’m Flying to Hawaii… (and back)… for $10


Around December/January of 2014, I decided that when my primary job finished, I’d travel the world for (at least) a year. I made it one of my major goals to save up money specifically for this trip. Now that that job has finished, I’ve been traveling a bit with plans to travel even more. And while I could spend the savings ... Read More »